Mad Daddy and Diabla

Mad Daddy and Diabla aka Dom and Charlene Salemi broke into the broadcast radio biz as on-air personalities for radio station WCFA 101.5 in Cape May where they manned the midnight shift Friday through Sundays.  They brought a wealth of musical knowledge and show business connections with them as a result of their work in publishing the longest-running underground pop culture magazine in the U.S. – Brutarian.  During that magazine’s long run, Dom and Charlene launched the Brutarian Record Company and used their influence in the media industry to establish a charity to raise money for autism research through musical concerts and festivals organized under the Brutarian banner.  Starting in 2020, they began to record and archive two to three hour radio shows in their home studio, first in Cape May, NJ and then in Baltimore, Maryland, where they currently hang their hats.