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To provide diversity in programming to the World and Local communities where our DJ’s are broadcasting from while acting as a top-notch training facility for community members interested in gaining experience in radio station operations.


To provide the QSKY Radio community with diverse and spontaneous programming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Regular programming shall focus on playing the best new music first along with a combination of old favorites and other musical genres that don’t receive much if any, airplay elsewhere. To provide Specialty Show programming including (but not limited to) Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Metal, Folk, World, Honky-tonk, Latino, Punk, Experimental, Oldies, All Request, 7 Inch Singles, Local music, etc. To promote and inform listeners of community news, information, and activities, while offering the latest in news, literature, social commentary, and comedy.


To provide an alternative to the commercially dominated world of radio, where the listener chooses if he or she loves or hates the music; to play listener requests 24 hours a day; to promote bands of quality-regardless of genre-that might not get airplay otherwise; to promote diversity and open-mindedness through music; to promote public awareness through information and public service announcements; to support the community that supports us; to provide an environment welcoming and tolerant of all who wish to participate.