Once upon a time, radio was a tool for empowerment, a medium that provided a voice to the unheard and brought communities together. Today, media is too often used as a means to constrain and restrict rather than express.

Welcome to station innovation, QSKY Radio – WQSY-DB!

QSKY Radio was created in late 2018 by William Bilancio, a disc jockey tired of the selection on terrestrial radio and the lack of diversity in music and information on the airwaves.

After speaking with fellow industry professionals and, more importantly, the listeners, William found he wasn’t alone in his thinking. There had to be a better way to rise above the noise and the nonsense…

QSKY’s philosophy rests on three pillars: Community, Discovery, and Education. Our objective is to provide solidarity through radio, providing a voice to under-served communities and striving to become a bridge between them. We focus mainly on live broadcasting as a tool for discovering new music and ideas. Our educational initiatives put DIY radio tools into everyday people’s hands, and our programming is as diverse as the programmers themselves.

QSKY’s hosts have complete freedom to experiment with the medium of radio to create a diverse community and a diverse sound.  We are a community, and all are welcome to participate.

QSKY is staffed by 1- 4 hard-working volunteers from the community, all of whom work with the primary goal of providing a diverse source of new and different music, news, and entertainment for the greater USA and beyond.  When it comes to Internet radio, we’re happy to borrow from a bad song in saying nobody does it better!


What is Freeform Radio?

Freeform is a programming format that grants hosts and DJs total artistic freedom in the creation of their shows. Hosts are not restricted by traditional programming formats or commercial concerns when developing their content and playlists. Freeform radio was pioneered in the ’60s, and 70’s by such stations as WBAI and WFMU in New York City, KPFA in Berkeley, CA, and KPFK in Los Angeles. QSKY Radio management will never dictate what our hosts can or cannot say and/or play on the network.