The Pop Show

With Tommy Champagne

Over 40 years of hits! Not just today’s narrow definition of pop music favored by terrestrial radio and
the music industry, and not just the top-of-the-top hits, many of which have burned out over the years
from being overplayed on the radio and in your local sports bar or theme restaurant. The Pop Show is a
broad sampling of songs that have hit the pop charts in the USA and/or the UK from 1980 to the present
(with a couple from the late 70’s just for fun). Also, because the show originates in Minnesota USA,
some local music will be in the mix, and by that we mean more than just Prince.

Music and fun! Paired with the great music is an energetic, irreverent host with a love of music and a
history as a radio and comedy writer and performer. Expect an uptempo mix of musical info, comedic
observations about current events and life in general, plus some just-plain weird fun.